You know what can suck more than getting your period?
While PMS is a huge issue for millions of women, there’s just as many who suffer from incredibly irregular periods, or even no period at all - which comes with its own host of symptoms that are no fun whatsoever.
Any of these sound familiar
to you?
No period for 3 months or more, or very irregular periods
Lack of ovulation or sporadic ovulation
Hair loss on your head or hair growth on your face (oh the injustice of it all)
Or worse… when you do have sex, it hurts like hell
Your energy is so low you can’t get out of bed easily or even get through the day without caffeine or sugar
Needing the pill or progesterone to force your body to have a "period"
More acne than you’ve ever experienced in your life!
Your sexy underwear stays in your drawer thanks to a non-existent sex drive
Low or no fertile cervical fluid - yes, sometimes your underwear can be too clean
Depression or mood swings that disrupt your relationships and your life
The physical symptoms can be tough,
but the

is often just as bad or worse.

I’ve had clients who worry about future infertility (does no period mean no ovulation?), unexpected pregnancy (no period, no monthly all-clear sign), or that something is SERIOUSLY wrong (thanks Dr. Google for making everyone think they have cancer).
While it might not be cancer, there can be some hardcore issues that develop - like bone loss leading to osteoporosis, difficulty becoming pregnant, pregnancy complications and long-term damage to your hormonal health.
There’s a host of reasons that women can stop getting regular periods:
Coming off of hormonal birth control after being on it for a long period of time - and sometimes not even a long time
(if you’ve been popping the Pill for even a couple of months, you’re at risk)
Low body weight or low body fat
Strict calorie restriction or disordered eating
Chronic mental and emotional stress
Excessive exercise, especially women who are professional athletes
Low thyroid function
Here’s the bottom line - if these symptoms and situations are all too familiar to you, then you are likely to have one of two conditions,
Amenorrhea or Oligomenorrhea.
The fancy medical terms are:

means you have not gotten a period for
three months or more

means you get irregular periods
(anything outside a 25-35 day cycle)

While these conditions are recognized by science, medical practitioners don’t always treat them as seriously as they should.

Women are often told
"it's no big deal"

and to

"just wait it out."


If they want to regulate their periods, they should just
"go back on the birth control pill"


"get a progesterone shot"
to bring on their 'period'!
Let me be completely straight with you - hormonal birth control and progesterone shots are not the answer. They are merely treating the symptoms (amenorrhea/oligomenorrhea) of a serious underlying imbalance. And in fact, they can cause more harm than good.
Plus, the longer you delay treating your imbalance, the more permanent the damage could be. Yikes!
This is not something that should be left until you want to fall pregnant. If you suffer from Amenorrhea or Oligomenorrhea, you need to treat it as soon as possible. By the time you want a baby, it could be too late.
But what if I don’t want to have a baby?
Is it still an issue?
Many of my clients are very Type A - highly stressed, big time worriers, crazy busy all the time and putting their body under way too much pressure.

And guess what?
One of the biggest causes of amenorrhea is stress –
physical, mental and emotional stress!

The main hormone associated with stress is cortisol. When it is out of control it can wreak havoc on everything – your brain, your thyroid, your adrenals and your ovaries!
everything is
Regardless of whether you want children or not, it is imperative to understand that your period health is reflective of your overall health.

If your period is missing or irregular, something deeper is going on that you need to look at.

The great news?

You can do something about it. In fact, there’s a lot you can do! And I can tell you how - with my new 'Bring Back Your Period' Program!
My 8-Week
Amenorrhea/Irregular Periods
Yep, we want to bring it all back -
Your period.
your sexy, your energy, your healthy glow, and your peace of mind.
I’m going to teach you how with these 5 crucial steps. I’ll share:
The exact foods & supplements your body needs to bring back a regular period. (hooray!)
A targeted plan to handle stress (because it has a MASSIVELY negative effect on your ovaries!)
Gut and digestive healing - a happy gut is the foundation of any hormone healing program.
Liver detoxification - an optimally functioning liver processes and removes excess harmful hormones so the helpful hormones can do their job properly. Yay!
Thyroid healing to bring it together and complete your picture of health - if you want a regular period, you need your thyroid to be on your side!

How Do You Get It? All in your inbox! This course is 100% virtual, which means you can start at any time and go at the pace that suits you. Plus you'll get access to the study materials forever!
In just 6 months of implementing (almost) everything I learn't from Nicole, I had cleared up my acne, my hives were gone, I was no longer so fatigued, my gut was beginning to heal and I GOT MY PERIOD BACK (I honestly don't think anyone has ever been as excited about getting their period before as I was!). Although I am still not regular, my period returning was a sign that my body was healing and that I was on the right track. I cannot wait to see where my health and cycle will be in another 6 months, continuing on this current path. I hold so much gratitude for Nicole and the work she is doing. She is simply amazing.

Monica Yaxley, Health Coach - Tasmania, Australia
So here’s the deal...
You will get:
A recorded kickoff call where we talk about what the heck amenorrhea and oligomenorrhea is, the causes behind these conditions and how they are affecting your body
Prep work before the course begins to create the vision of your healthiest you, and how you’re going to make that vision a reality
Call & webinar recordings will be sent out too so you don’t have to worry about missing a thing.
Eight weekly recorded webinars where I will teach you the core content of the program. (Want more info on what we cover each week? Don’t worry, it’s coming!)
Weekly handouts and homework to start walking the talk and getting your hormones buzzing again
Access to my private Facebook group where you can connect and chat with others who are exploring their own hormonal challenges - or maybe already beaten them! It's a great way to keep in touch with me, but also learn from the journeys and successes of other people.
Two recorded Q&A calls where we will review the webinar content and you’ll get answers and advice about your specific situation for a fraction of my coaching fees!
Six recorded teaching calls with top hormonal health guest experts (and friends of mine!)
call #1:
Ending the “Crazy” Around Food Cycle with Isabel Foxen Duke, Emotional Eating Expert & Creator of Stop Fighting Food.
call #2:
Reconnecting with your cycle with Jenn Racioppi, Women’s Health & Success Coach.
call #3:
Overcoming hypothalamic amenorrhea with Kate Callaghan, Holistic Nutritionist.
call #4:
Demystifying Ovulation & Irregular Periods with Nat Kringoudis, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and the Hormone Revolutionist.
call #5:
The emotional causes of Amenorrhea with Elle Griffin, Writer & Mentor of the Divine Feminine.
call #6:
Stop second guessing your food and start trusting your body with Jamie Greenwood,(she still hasn’t found a title that encompasses what she does!).
In 8 short weeks you could be back to late-night corner store runs for emergency tampons or telling your partner to stick to second base.
Wouldn’t that be awesome?
Aside from getting your period back, here’s what else you might experience:
You’ll ovulate again – and
even know when it’s happening!
Your acne will begin to subside and
may even disappear completely
That sexy underwear in the drawer might
not stay there for long ;)
You will recover your full energy & lose those midday energy slumps
And best of all, you can relax knowing that your body is working the way it was designed to -
using natural solutions rather than harsh
medical quick-fixes
3 months after beginning Nicole’s FYP program I am a completely different person! I have regular periods, I OVULATED for the first time in almost 15 years, my mood is much more stable, no longer bloated, I have a good level of energy for most of the month, I enjoy things again, I have more libido, the 10lbs have basically just fell off, no more migraine headaches, I have mental clarity, and all my hormone levels are normal/healthy range again!

Desiree P. Maple Grove, MN
What topics do you cover throughout the course?
Here’s a detailed breakdown of each module’s content.
+What is Amenorrhea and why do I have it?
  • What are the most common causes of Amenorrhea?
  • Find out how and why stress (of all kinds) can literally stop ovulation and your period
  • Learn what hormonal imbalances are involved in Amenorrhea
  • Discover the facts about this condition that your doctor hasn’t told you!
+Create your vision for your best health and life
  • Create a roadmap for your ideal health so you can take back control of your healing
  • Learn how to take steps towards a healthy life and stop running from your symptoms
+Food + Your Cycle: How food affects your body & hormones
  • Understand why every single bite you take affects your hormonal health
  • Discover the key foods to incorporate now to address your amenorrhea or irregular periods
  • Understand the role of fat in your diet and why you can’t function without it
+The Effect of Sugar & Carbs on Your Hormones + How to Banish Crazy Cravings
  • Learn how and why sugar (even a little bit) can wreak hormonal havoc
  • Learn the relationship between insulin and your hormonal imbalance
  • Understand why “bad cravings” happen and how to crave healthy foods
  • Get a proven plan to reduce and eliminate sugar from your diet and finally balance your blood sugar!
+Optimize gut function: What’s your gut got to do with it?
  • Gut problems? Understand exactly how they are connected to your amenorrhea and irregular periods
  • Get the step-by-step guide on how to start optimizing your gut function so you can heal your hormones
  • Learn how one simple act can vastly improve your digestion
+Your Adrenal Glands + Your Hormones: Why you NEED to manage your stress?
  • Learn the sexy science behind your endocrine system function
  • Understand how and why your hormones affect every cell in your body
  • Learn why healthy Adrenal Glands are essential for having regular periods
  • Top effective solutions to manage your stress response so that you can ovulate again
+Hormone testing + Supplements & Botanicals
  • Blood work - I will show you what’s normal and what’s not. Those numbers will finally make sense and I’ll teach you what to do to improve them.
  • Discover which supplements can help address stress and boost hormone production
  • Learn which herbal remedies are great for bringing back your period + regulating your cycle
+Heal your thyroid + detoxify your life!
  • Learn how your thyroid is deeply connected to your menstrual health + how to start healing it
  • Understand how and why you need to detox your liver and gall bladder
  • Learn the specific kinds of exercise that support healthy hormones in women, and how to exercise without worsening your amenorrhea or irregular periods
  • Understand how chemicals in everyday products can wreak havoc on your endocrine system
+Menstruation Maven: Reclaim your monthly cycle
  • Learn about the four phases of your cycle and how they can transform your life even if you don’t have a period right now!
  • Learn about the emotional reasons behind your hormonal imbalances + how to create healthy boundaries in your life
  • For women who have irregular periods - learn what your period should look like each month?
  • I will teach you how to track your period so you can gain a deeper knowledge of your body and your unique cycle
+Self-Care + Sex Drive: How to feel loved and get good loving!
  • Learn how to practice supreme self-care and why you NEED to do this to be happier, healthier and sexier!
  • Low libido or painful sex? You’ll get key steps to bringing the sizzle back into your life
  • Learn the step-by-step process for how to create sustainable change so you can continue to see results
  • Learn the FIVE questions you should be asking at your next gynecologist visit
Before this program, my jawline and chin were covered with painful cysts; needless to say, I felt extremely insecure, especially because I’m an actress. THE GOOD NEWS: Yesterday I finally got my headshots done. And GUESS what the FIRST thing my make-up artist says to me: “OMG your skin is FLAWLESS!” FLAWLESS! I had to do a double-take. I looked in the mirror in front of me, and completely make-up free, my skin looked lovely. In fact, I was kind of glowing! This is probably the best my skin has looked since my pre-teen years.

Rachel Werline, Actress - Los Angeles, CA
The longer you wait to treat period problems, the tougher they are to fix - don’t delay getting the help you need any longer. Sign up for the ‘Bring Back Your Period’ program and take the first step towards ending your period limbo and bringing back your flow (literally!).

Once your body is flowing,
your period will follow.

While I don’t know your knowledge or your exact circumstances MY guess is it’s your time now to change your life. My program will teach you every single step to help you get there. I believe if you had a game plan, you’d get started right away, wouldn’t you?

Click the button below to get started right now
and I’ll see you on the other side.
My 100% Guarantee:
I know this is a substantial investment for you.
I am so confident in my program and your success that I am offering you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you watch the webinars and do the assignments and you aren't happy with your progress, then email me within 14 days from the start date of the program and I will fully refund you.
If your question is trickier than the ones listed below just email us at and we'll get right back to you!
+I’ve been diagnosed with a specific type of amenorrhea - will this course work for me?
While there’s bound to be tons of content that will work for everyone, my main focus in this course is Hypothalamic Pituitary Amenorrhea (brought on by lack of the right nutrients, prolonged stress, excess exercise, calorie restriction, and/or low body weight) & Post-Pill Amenorrhea (no period after going off hormonal birth control). If you’re in doubt, email me at and I can let you know if this course will suit your condition.
+Will I definitely get my period back?
Look, I’d love to wave my magic hormonal wand and bring your period back for you. However, the nature of the human body is that everyone has different symptoms, causes and reactions to treatment. While I can't guarantee that you will get your periods back, I can certainly guarantee that my system will create the foundation for you to get your periods back.
+Who the heck are you? Do you really know what you’re talking about?
Haha, yes, I certainly do! I became a hormonal health coach after struggling with my own hormonal issues in my early 20’s, and getting super frustrated with conventional medical advice that wanted me to pop a pill to fix my symptoms rather than treat the underlying cause. You can read more about my story here.
+How does this course work?
I'm not saying that you will be cured from PMS in 12 weeks. Healing from any condition takes time… for some it can take weeks, for others it can take months. But with this course your journey will begin, and even if it takes a bit longer you will always have the information and guidance that you need to completely transform your health at your body's natural pace. Plus, with the Facebook community, you will never be alone.
+How is the course set up?
Once you sign into Ruzuku, the online platform, you will see a course layout that includes a Welcome section, 8 Individual Sessions and a Course Wrap-up section. Initially you will have access to the Welcome section. The next day you you'll get Session #1 and each week after that you will receive an email with all the information for that week's webinar and handouts.
+I'm not in the US, can I still sign up?
Absolutely! This course is designed for women all over the world. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a credit card or Paypal to purchase the course and get set up. Easy peasy!
+What foods will you be talking about? And is this course for vegetarians?
I am going to introduce and discuss foods that are good for you from a hormonal perspective. I will also delve into the foods that are not so good and explain why that is the case. The course is not a vegetarian or vegan course. We will discuss animal protein and why it is helpful for many women with hormonal imbalances. Some women do really well on a vegetarian or vegan diet while others require animal protein to feel their best. It's different for everyone and I respect that in this course.
Ready to go from
Nancy No-Period to
Regular Rhonda? Good!
Let’s do this thing!